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Christopher Conlon – Photo: Steve Collins


You probably haven’t met many people like Christopher Conlon. Musically, he began as a self-taught drummer, eventually studying piano and music theory at Xavier University. This was before spending five years at the Athenaeum of Ohio as a student of philosophy, theology, counseling, and ecclesial ministry. For a time, he considered becoming a priest. Growing restless, he eventually postponed his master’s thesis work and purchased an old canoe, embarking on a life-changing journey. Camping nightly on muddy banks and living with river people, he paddled down the mighty Ohio River and other lesser-known waterways, eventually making his way to the Gulf. After abandoning his canoe, Conlon hiked, hitched, and hopped freight trains from New Orleans across the American West. He eventually landed in California without a dollar in his pocket – his currency was music, philosophy and wit. After several months on the road, weathered by the sun and heavily bearded, the young sojourner circled back to Cincinnati’s fertile artistic community. Now back in his hometown, Conlon is focused on his solo music career, his acting career, as well as playing drums with upstart psychedelic rockers, Scientifick Adam. His solo compositions are a stylistic melding of textures which take the listener on a sonic journey from chant-esc, to symphonic, to Pink Floyd-esc, and more. Conlon is dynamic, articulate, and, above all, a deeply spiritual student of life. You don’t need to hop a freight train to the end of the continent to grasp him, but if you listen to his music, you’ll find yourself along for the journey.

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