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Joseph Foulk is an independent filmmaker from Long Beach, California. He’s been writing, directing, animating, and acting in hilarious and emotionally gripping films and online videos for more than a decade. His fertile imagination coupled with an intense, juvenile fascination with disturbing imagery has spawned several excellent short films, music videos, and documentaries. His deep well of creativity and talent for uncovering both cringeworthy and touching human moments are unparalleled in his craft.

Foulk is the co-founder and creative partner at the Willie Hendrix Group, a creative agency specializing in video solutions, digital production, and web development. The agency produces marketing campaigns, wedding videos, as well as short documentaries for a wide range of clients. Previously, Foulk was a member of online duo, Two Guys at Work, where they somehow convinced their boss to let them spend most of the workday shooting idiotic parodies of E.T., the Shining, and Fast Times At Ridgemont High. He was also the creator of animated sitcom series, It Came From TV Land, which lampooned Osama Bin Laden, the Rolling Stones, and Jay Leno with an eerie level of accuracy.


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