Twenty And Bored

Twenty And Bored


2012 was supposed to be the end of the world.
The Mayan Calendar predicted it.
There was nowhere to hide.
Except for one secret place.
In a remote corner of the internet.
The beaches of Second Life.
This is where the enlightened flocked.
On these beaches, the members of Twenty and Bored met.
Miracles were witnessed and ‘The Bored’ was formed.
The all night virtual steel drum calypso parties were legendary.
The Bored would dance the nights away in Tropical cantinas.
As the Apocalypto passed them by, a new culture was born.
Their sound was crossing into another dimension.
To a place where the dial up is the speed of light.
To a time when avatars and pina coladas meet.
The beaches of Second Life await you.

Twenty & Bored is a beach vacation in your mind 400+ days a year.

Exiled son of the founder and CEO of the Sharper Image mobile web experience booth is known for his hectic bongo frenzies, sub bass seminars, lego replicas of famous secret society buildings, and invention of cephalopod sonar technology now used by the CIA.

DJ Stigandr
Former board member of Shrieker Daze spends his evenings practicing B-Grade voodoo and is recognized for his pan flute solos and is a 7x award winning Pineapple Souffle cook off champion.

the Bored
The worldwide members of Twenty & Bored who participate in the movement.

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