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What Up Mang Live San Francisco DNA Lounge Concert Performance Band
Photo: Alex Toumazis


San Francisco indie electronic pop band What Up Mang is the brainchild of James Carnes, the current heir apparent to the Lower Haight’s Frisco Disco movement. Together with his neighbor Caty McKenna (AKA Baby Wonder) on vocals and his landlord Scott Mayfield on synthesizers, What Up Mang has led a scorched-earth campaign across the Bay Area capturing the hearts and minds of all in its path. Initially conceived as a one-off 80’s synth cover band for a neighborhood party, What Up Mang quickly morphed into an electrifying disco-tinged pop group. Since their inception in 2014, the band has shared the stage with a diverse range of acts including Public Service Broadcasting, Men Without Hats, The Flavr Blue, and Marc E. Bassy. What Up Mang’s debut album, Golden Hour, was released on Smoothspin Records in November, 2014. The band is currently in the studio recording their sophomore album.

The band was definitely out there and were having a great time. I never would have thought I’d say that disco and psychedelic music could go together, but it seemingly blended all too well. Plus, they had some great blissed out harmonies. The lead singer was quite the dancing machine and she was enthralling to watch. –Ramblings of a Redhead Music Snob

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What Up Mang – Doctor Please


What Up Mang – Live in San Francisco


What Up Mang – Go To Waste


What Up Mang – Achy Breaky Heart



What Up Mang – Lone Wolf


What Up Mang – Saint Pedro


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