Photos: Pacifica Fog Fest 2016


Pacifica’s annual Pacific Coast Fogfest was this weekend in downtown Pacifica near the beach. If you live in the Bay Area long enough, you’ll find that every small town or modest sized neighborhood has their own annual street festival like this – and they’re all exactly the same. The same food vendors are selling chicken teriyaki on a stick, the same crafts vendors are selling punk rock toddler onesies and melted wine bottles, and the same middle-aged blues rock band is playing Eagles covers. This was no exception. Going into one of these events, you can only hope there will be enough local flavor or public drunkenness to differentiate it from all the rest. On this merit, I would rate the Pacifica Fog Fest a 3/10. It was basically the same as the nearby Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, but without the pumpkins. However, Pacifica did have a sand sculpture of a whale and a booth that served a scary red, yellow, and green drink called the “Fog Cutter.” Plus, it’s hard to beat a sunny 85-degreeee day on the coast. Would I go back next year?¬†As long as it’s not foggy.