NYT Reporter Living in Asia Since 1988 Astonished by Life in Modern San Francisco

A New York Times reporter living in Asia for 27 years recently moved to home San Francisco and published an article this weekend describing his adjustment to modern life in America. The piece, titled “What San Francisco Says About America,” is written from the perspective someone who sounds like they traveled to the future with Marty McFly.

I spend hours in supermarket aisles. Organic ice cream sandwiches! Vegan shoes! A “Bluetooth compatible” electric toothbrush!

The America of 2016 is so much more specialized than the one I left in 1988. It almost seems that we have created needs so that we can cater to them.

I stop and stare at the giant trucks in San Francisco designed for the specific purpose of shredding and hauling documents. What a luxury as a society to produce tons of confidential documents and then deploy specialized trucks to destroy them. I knew yoga was big in California and ditto for cannabis. But it was still a surprise to discover “ganja yoga.”

It makes for an interesting read, especially for someone used to taking modern American for granted.