What Up Mang – Golden Hour


Golden Hour is the debut 12 song LP from San Francisco indie electronic pop band What Up Mang.


Golden Hour is the debut album from San Francisco indie electronic pop band What Up Mang. According to What Up Mang bandleader James Carnes, Golden Hour is a true San Francisco communal effort and features several of Carnes’s fellow Lower Haight residents including neighbor Baby Wonder (Caty McKenna) on vocals and his landlord Scott Mayfield on synthesizers. McKenna’s husband, lifestyle photographer Stian Rasmussen, (also a Lower Haight resident) shot the album cover. The album’s intricate and dense sound is colored with layers of soaring synths, percolating dance beats, psychedelic soundscapes, and Beatles-esque pop melodies. According to Carnes, the album’s title is a reference to “those rare fleeting moments when good friends, a glowing sunset, and an abundance of hope for the future leave you feeling that life, right now – is golden.” So be it.


  1. Go To Waste (feat. Baby Wonder)
  2. Last Chance (feat. Baby Wonder)
  3. The Weatherman
  4. Lone Wolf
  5. Doctor Please (feat. Baby Wonder)
  6. Song For Keneman
  7. Backhanded Compliment
  8. Black Light
  9. King Tide
  10. Waterfall Cascade
  11. It Has Teeth And Hair
  12. Captain Of Industry

MP3 320 Kbps
November 18, 2014
Stian Rasmussen