What Up Mang – Talent Show



According to Internet lore, San Francisco indie electronic band, What Up Mang, stumbled across a picture of the lyrics to this song posted on Facebook by a friend who had them hanging above her desk at work. They were reportedly handwritten by the friend’s 8-year-old niece and depicted her agonizing struggle with participating in a school talent show. Feeling the child’s pain, the band decided they were in the position to elevate the girl’s spirits by placing music to the lyrics and recording the song in tribute to her struggle. Crying real tears of pain and sorrow during the recording session, the track was completely written, recorded, and mastered within an hour. The album cover artwork took an additional four or five minutes. All told, the band was able to post a SoundCloud link to the finished track in the comments of the original Facebook post within two hours of reading it. Folks, this is 2015.