Review: What Up Mang @ DNA Lounge 3/31/15


Music blogger xneverwherex posted a great review of the 3/31/15 What Up Mang show at the DNA Lounge to the Ramblings of a Readhead Music Snob blog

What Up Mang managed to bring some pretty cool kaleidoscope disco psychedelic beats from the Lower Haight to SOMA. The band was definitely out there and were having a great time and I never would have thought Id say that disco and psychedelic music could go together, but it seemingly blended all too well together. Plus, they had some great blissed out harmonies. The lead singer was quite the dancing machine and she was enthralling to watch. Plus, they even managed to have a crazy cover of Billy Ray Cyrus’ ‘Achy Breaky Heart‘ and they made it even better by slowing it down and adding some heavy Hawaiian luau beats. So if you ever just want a fun night out, this band will deliver, plus youll end up dancing the night away.

Here’s a taste of that disco psychedelia from the What Up Mang Instagram feed in case you missed the show.

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