Photos: San Francisco’s “Wiggle Stop-In” Bicycle Protest

The Wigg Party, a local wig-wearing bicycle activist group, organized a protest called the “Wiggle Stop-In” tonight along the busy Wiggle bike route in the Lower Haight. The goal of the protest was to demonstrate the absurdity of the SFPD’s recent effort to crack down on bicyclists who don’t obey stop signs. Police recently announced they would start issuing citations to cyclists who don’t come to a complete stop at stop signs. In response, the Wigg Party asked bicyclists to obey the letter of the law tonight and come to a complete stop at the busy intersection of Steiner and Waller. Organizers predicted that the inefficiency of all bicyclists coming to a complete stop would result in a traffic nightmare and demonstrate the impracticality of enforcing the current law. According to a post on the Wigg’s Facebook event, “We are demonstrating the absurdity of the stop sign law as applied to bicyclists. Our goal is to get the Idaho Stop adopted as law in San Francisco.” The Idaho Stop – popular in Idaho – allows bicyclists to treat a stop sign as a yield sign, and a red light as a stop sign.

Bicycle Protesters at the Wiggle Stop-In

Bicyclists who don’t like to stop at stop signs line up to stop at a stop sign tonight on Steiner Street

By my estimation, the protest was a success; there were hundreds of bicyclists lined up several blocks waiting to enter the intersection. The cars I saw that were unlucky enough to accidentally pull onto Steiner Street had to slowly navigate their way out of the protest to a side street.

Wigg Party Organizer at the Wiggle Stop-In Protest in San Francisco

A member of the Wigg Party encourages bicyclists along the Wiggle to join the protest

The Wigg Party appeared to be well organized. This guy not only brought an informative sign, but also an informative wig.

NBC Bay Area Reporter at Wiggle Stop-In Bike Protest

I always figured there was a guy wearing shorts on the other side of that camera. Confirmed.

There were several local news crews reporting live from the scene, doing their job to further instill hatred of bicyclists throughout the Bay Area.

Steiner and Waller Intersection Wiggle Stop-In Protest in San Francisco

The staging area of the Wiggle Stop-In protest at Steiner and Waller in the Lower Haight

I only saw one police cruiser. He drove south on Steiner through the protest and announced over his PA speaker to cyclists entering the intersection “Thank you for following the law.”