Mixtape: Halloween 2015 by Twenty And Bored

Twenty And Bored are here to scare the piss out of you with their new Halloween-themed mixtape, A Haunted House. The second installment in the Smoothspin Holiday Mixtape series sees the young San Franciso producers show off their genius hip hop, electronic, and horror film soundtrack sensibilities throughout the course of a freakish 45-minute DJ set.

They’ve masterfully split the mix into two haunted “rooms.” The first section, “The Haunted Basement”, is a nightmarish collection of downtempo, reggae dub, and hip-hop currated by Bobby Bored (Owlsquid). Before you’ve had a chance to recover, mentally, you’re subjected to the horror film sonics of “The Haunted Tool Shed” by Tommy Twenty (Neon Stian).

Should you ever escape, you may want to consider using this mixtape at your upcoming Halloween party, or even just to spook those pussy-ass neighborhood kids off your porch during trick-or-treating.

You can stream Smoothspin Holiday Mixtape: Halloween 2015 – A Haunted House by Twenty And Bored right now on SoundCloud, at your own risk: