Song of the Week: Jason Isbell – “If It Takes A Lifetime”

USA Today called him “one of the great American songwriters” and John Mayer said he is “the best lyric writer of my generation.” Jason Isbell is best known as a former member of southern alt-rockers, Drive-By Truckers. During his time with the band, he contributed songs to three albums, including their best record – 2004’s The Dirty South. By 2007, he fell into heavy drinking, divorced his wife, and was ultimately kicked out of the band. Now a solo artist, remarried, and sober, he just released a beautiful new alt-country album called Something More Than Free, which recently debuted at #1 on all three Billboard Rock, Folk, and Country charts. The first single, “If It Takes A Lifetime“, is an upbeat old-school country shuffle that tells the story of a recently single man trying to adjust to clean living and sobriety.

I don’t keep liquor here, never cared for wine or beer

And working for the county keeps me pissin’ clear
The nights are dry as dust, but I’m letting my eyes adjust
If it takes a lifetime

It’s not autobiographical, but there are definite similarities.

CBS News recently talked to Isbell about his recent success, struggles with drinking, dismissal from Drive-By Truckers, getting sober, and collaborating on music with his new wife. It’s a great interview you can watch here.

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