Song Of The Week: Dan Deacon – “Feel The Lightning”

After dabbling with dense layers of electronica on 2010’s Bromst and straight up classical music on 2012’s America, Baltimore composer Dan Deacon is back with his catchiest pop song yet. “Feel The Lightning” is the first single off his upcoming new album Gliss Riffer and features super catchy melodies, including a hook sung by a female vocalist. I listened to the song for at least a week before I found out that the female vocalist is actually Dan Deacon himself – his voice pitch-shifted. I had no idea. The man sounds like an absolute angel.

Dan Deacon Gliss Riffer Announcement
Baltimore musician Dan Deacon photographed in his studio November 17, 2014. Photo: Frank Hamilton

If you’re worried about Dan Deacon going all mainstream on us, have no fear. He said he’s proud his most pop-like single is also his weirdest music video. That’s not a lie. You can experience it above. You can also experience “Feel The Lightning” on our Smoothspin Indie 100 Playlist on Spotify.