Video: What Up Mang Live In San Francisco

Just in time for the holidays, What Up Mang have released the full video of their 12/20 concert at The Showdown in San Francisco. The video was shot in sparkling 1080p HD by Curse of the Derse on a Go Pro HERO4 (and a Canon HF R20) and edited in the Smoothspin post-production studios using Final Cut Pro X. It was a little dark in the club and the sound is a kinda loud, but otherwise the video perfectly captures the zeitgeist of the What Up Mang live experience as it existed in late 2014.



1. Song For Keneman
2. Doctor Please
3. Black Light
4. The Weatherman
5. Go To Waste
6. Achy Breaky Heart (cover)
7. Waterfall Cascade
8. Backhanded Compliment
9. Girls (cover)
10. Last Chance
11. Lone Wolf