Video Of The Week: Woolf And The Wondershow – “Cloaked”

Woolf and the Wondershow are a mysterious electronic pop duo from Los Angeles who materialized out of nowhere with a very catchy debut single called “Cloaked”. Little else is known about them. Their online presence is limited to a sparse website, a SoundCloud account with one song, an Instagram with 4 screen shots of the “Cloaked” video, and 25 tweets, including the cryptic:

Digging around the web for additional information is fruitless. The only other trace of either Woolf or Wondershow is a brief self-description posted to what appears to be the website of their management company, Pulse Recordings:

Mad scientist Woolf met the wizardly Wondershow in a cave full of mellotrons beneath a snow forest. It was in this den of magical mystery that they dipped their quills into the ink and created a musical concept experience: Woolf and the Wondershow. “Cloaked” is the introduction to a new world that has many chapters to come

Woolf And The Wondershow Cloaked Madeline
The sultry Madeline

The juiciest artifact in existence is the seemingly high-budget, high-concept video for “Cloaked”. The storyline is told in three acts:

  • Act I: Madeline – She’s sultry, he’s lonesome.
  • Act II: The Vision – Look into the eyes of the wolf, dream of music and Madeline.
  • Act III: The Journey – Stumble across the dessert and dream of an old man. Then dream of Madeline and more music. Ascend to the heavens.

Not sure what any of this means? Just watch the video and wonder: